1€ houses

What if I told you that you could buy a house in Italy for just 1€?


No joke! In Italy you can do that, but let me explain you how to do it. 


Many municipalities scattered all over Italy have experienced a decline in their population that resulted in many houses being left with no one to take care of them. 

These municipalities decided to tackle this problem with a shocking deal: buy a house for just 1€ and renovate it. 

Which type of houses are available?

Multiple types of accommodation are available: flats, apartments, detached houses, semi detached house.

A lighthouse was recently sold for 1€!


A common drawback is the renovation costs and a totally legitimate question is 

how much money do you actually need for renovation?

This is a common question asked by interested buyers. Despite the most appropriate answer is: “it all depends on your project”, you can realistically fully renovate your property starting from € 20.000. 


If you think about it, this solution solves two problems:

  1. It revamps abandoned city centres

  2. It attracts new residents repopulating such municipalities 


On the other hand, you will become a homeowner in gorgeous Italian towns on a very small budget.  


Once you own the house you can live in it and you can also start your holiday let business. We have supported hundreds of clients in setting up their successful B&B and Agriturismo. 


It’s a win-win situation. 

Adding in that Italy also decided to boost the presence of foreign residents relocating to Italy by offering incredible tax breaks, there is no better time to pack your stuff and call Italy your new home.


It all seems good on paper, yet the reality is far from the ideal world. 


Unfortunately, these offers are time limited and there is no online database in which you can browse all the available properties. Adding that you should get in touch with every single municipality and, often times, they do not speak English.

Many people tried to do it solo and after a bunch of unreturned emails and missed calls they just gave up.


The good news is that Retire2Italy is here to help you! 


Retire2Italy has already helped hundreds of homeowners making the deal of their life in Italy. 


Enquire in which houses are available for sale for just 1€

Property tours around Sicily

We organise property tours around Sicily to visit the 1€ houses, showcasing the houses available in different municipalities, enjoying a week-long holiday during springtime when Sicily is in bloom.

The next tour will start on March 27th. 


Book your next tour right now and enjoy the early bird rate at € 2500 with a 20% discount. 


The tour will start in Palermo and you will visit:

  • Taormina

  • Tindari

  • Mussomeli

  • Sambuca

  • Monreale

  • Erice

  • Castellammare del Golfo

The price includes:

  • Private English speaking driver

  • Local English speaking guides

  • Hotel accommodation and half board

  • Wine tasting experience

  • Relocation and tax coaching session

Add ons are also available on request.

Hurry up booking your trip, this offer is available until Christmas!


Interested in what we do?

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