is now the best time to buy an house in Italy? discover why..

They say all the roads lead to Rome. But what is Italy nowadays and is it worth moving to?


Some of the first associations that might come into your mind could be healthy&tasty cuisine, rich history, splendid nature, and superb location of this country with access to the most picturesque sights.


However, the best ingredient in Italian kitchen would be its people.


There is not such a place on Earth where you could feel more at home than in Italy. The constant atmosphere of life celebration is an understatement when it comes to all the beautiful provinces and towns of this country.

Italians welcome visitors and potential new residents with open hearts, sincere smiles, and profound appreciation of each individual.

The feeling of being a part of one big family is never-ending, and that is one major component when it comes to your decision to live in Italy.


You could choose to live up in the mountains and enjoy the light breeze after an hour-long hiking, feeling accomplished, free, and strong, or you might prefer a house by one of the magnificent lakes, having a tranquil life-style.

Or you might opt for a thriving and busy city-life with plenty of opportunities to establish oneself career-wise.


No matter where in Italy your heart will lead you to, it WILL lead you to Italy.

There has never been a better timing to buy a property in Italy because after 10 years of steady decline, finally real estate prices are recovering, yet many properties are still underpriced compared to other EU countries.


In fact, Italy's real estate, as this Bloomberg report states is a safe long-term investment to protect your wealth against a real estate bubble market growing in many other European countries.

The Italian government has introduced new incentives to attract new residents to Italy, whether you receive a pension or you are still employed/in business.


Retire2Italy is your invaluable partner in the whole process; we have helped hundreds of expats in Italy and we can provide you a full-fledged service answering to all your needs.

I want to move to Italy but I don't know where to start?

Speak to one of our consultants at Retire2Italy! We can help you out in knowing more about the relocation process and we organise property tours across Italy to find the house of your dreams.


How do I buy a property in Italy?

Buying a property in Italy can be different from the standards of your country. The process requires the right due diligence on the property to check for its building conformity to the standard as well as the legality of the ownership.

Our team of legal experts can support you through the whole phases of the acquisition process, leaving you with

Wishing to know more about the property acquisition process in Italy?

Check out our founder’s book available on Amazon store.


I don't have alle the finances to buy a property in Italy, is there a way to apply for Financing?

Retire2Italy works with primary banking institution in Italy, and we are proud to say that we helped hundreds of new homeowners in Italy to access financing for their property.

At this time, interest rates are low and it can be definitely a great moment to finance your property.

I am not a EU citizen and I cannot be a permanent resident of Italy, is there a way I can get a VISA?

We've got you covered! Our team of experienced immigration lawyers can get you the best VISA for your needs, as well as trace back the opportunity to claim your Italian citizenship if you have the requirements.

How do I manage my taxes once I become a resident? Can you help me?

We will help you out with your taxes. We rely on a team of international tax advisors that will support you in sorting out your tax position and to minimise your tax burden while living in Italy.

I would like to run my property as Holiday letting, can you help me? 

At Retire2Italy we can help you manage your property and keep you compliant with all the applicable regulations.

We want you to help your Holiday letting business grow and we can support you through the business setup and to meet the annual tax and legal compliance.

Furthermore, if you are a DIY type of person, many residential properties in small towns in needs of renovation are desperately looking for a new owner for just 1€, would you dare to be the next one?

The last auction organised by the municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia was a sold-out as this article published by the British newspaper "The Guardian" reports, and foreign buyers like you accounted for more than 90% of the purchase.

We have been helping customers purchasing their properties all over Italy, but our hotter areas are:

  • Como Lake

  • Cinque Terre

  • Tuscany countryside

  • Liguria

Use the form below to get in touch with one of our consultants and ask for the properties available in your preferred area!