1€ home hunting tours

Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia and many other italian regions have taken radical measures to fight depopulation, including selling ancient and beautiful properties for just 1 € as shown in this video from CBS This Morning about Mussomeli.

How Retire2Italy decided to help you!


Since many global medias started to cover  stories about the 1 € Homes in Sicily we started receiving many requests from international investors interested in purchasing a property for 1 € in Italy. Therefore, we shortly realized we could have helped many foreigners thanks to our knowledge of the language and of the italian countryside which even if is less known abroad, it is as beautiful and full of history as the most famous areas.


After receiving another enthusiast contact form from a british woman who read about the 1€ Homes Project on this article appeared on "The Guardian", me and Nicolò looked at each others and in a blink of an eye we decided that we were going to personally bring our clients to visit these municipalities.

And so we did partner-up with a Canadian ruled but Italian based tour operator named Italy Vacations Specialists in order to offer our clients the first 1 € Home Hunting Tour in Sicily.

Experience a slower pace of life before buying your piece of inner peace for 1€

As born and breed Italians we naturally know how great and healthy for body, mind, and soul is to live a life where you master your own time instead of feeling mastered by it for the sake of an economic system that clearly does not put your well-being as a top priority.

So let's all forget for a minute about sportscars, stocks, expensive clothes, gold bullions: it is your lifetime your most valuable asset because once it goes you will never be able to buy it back. Ancient Roman philosophers such as Seneca and Marco Aurelio already questioned themselves about the topic, and more recently some billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates also discussed about the value of time in this viral Youtube video...

However, since living a slower-paced life, more focused on the essential human needs like it happens in Italy's rural communities, should be first experienced by who was never exposed to it, we thought of bringing our clients to check with their own eyes how human and healthy can be living in the italian countryside before actually deciding to invest in securing a piece of that lifestyle for them and their loved ones.